In the Chinese classification system the “white tiger”

 represents the West.


TIn the Chinese classification system the “white tiger” represents the West.

This product, developed by S. Dharmananda, combines traditional Chinese approaches with methods developed in the West. It is an important complement to the use of the Seven Forests formulas.

Certain ingredients are provided in high doses so they can be used as an adjunct in complex Chinese herbal formulas. By offering the more western oriented substances (such as vitamins, amino acids, herbs in the international market), this line also simplifies the use of a wide range of popular dietary supplements.



In the Chinese classification system the “white tiger” represents the West.



By offering high doses of selective items, these formulas enable to emphasize certain actions with only a slight increase in the number of tablets to use.



Formulas with vitamins, amino acids, and more internationally herbal substances deliver a broader and balanced completion.



One of the main objectives of the White Tiger products is to offer carefully balanced formulas that contain a sufficient amount of each ingredient.



The White Tiger tablets are rather large, but easy to swallow. They contain from 1000 to 1100 mg of material. The daily dose is 2 to 4 tablets, higher doses are rarely needed.



Materials of natural origin are used whenever possible, but some vitamins, amino acids and other components were synthesized our modified from their natural form. For vitamin E the more expensive natural form is being used.



Some White Tiger formulas are intended for regular use over long periods. Others are appointed for short periods (few weeks). White Tiger formulas are not intended for use during pregnancy or by children under 12 years.




The White Tiger formulas are produced and distributed as supplements, their effectiveness in the treatment or prevention of disease is not proven. Possible directions for use are based on the use within recent clinical evaluations.


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